Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Old and forgotten

Eldest spent two weeks of her break, behind the scene. Attached to a nursing home.
After the initial jolt, dressed in white, spent time observing and assisting in the works of caring for the elderly in the all female level.
During activity time, they chatted while exercising with them. Many in their 70s and 80s, suffering from some degree of dementia or health problems. A welcome reprieve for both the Myanmar healthcare personnel and the elderly. Having a helping hand and able to converse with the residents. Dialect was not a problem as eldest took a crash course of cantonese, hokkien/teochew and malay. From me of course!
Though, patient's information was strictly confidential. Eldest just had to report the daily happenings over dinner. Kicked at by one who refuse to shower. Spit at, for one refuse to eat. Had her hands held tightly as one grandma thought she looks so much like her granddaugther. With a thank you by these sweet old ladies, all was forgotten. After all they never meant what they did.
That was three weeks ago. Yesterday, she visited them. This time as a volunteer. She was delighted that many still remembered and welcomed her. For the residents, it's the weekend visitation that they so looked forward to. Sadly many spent the weekends hoping and longing in vain sitting at the activity room listening to the hustle and the bustle downstairs at the visitors' lounge.


stay-at-home mum said...

To be able to do such a job is a real calling. And these old folks sure need people like your eldest!

doc said...

it's a calling as well as a passion, for no one can do such a job with conviction & sincerity without both these attributes.

well done to the eldest!