Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because it's there

An excerpt.

7 June 1924

"My darling,
I'm sitting in a tiny tent some 27.000 feet above sea level, and almost 5,000 miles from my homeland seeking the paths of glory. Even if I were to find them, it would be as nothing, if I am unable to share the moments with you........
I can see you at The Holt, sitting in your winged chair by the window, reading this letter and smiling as you turn each page. Look up, my darling, for at any moment you will see me march through those gates and come striding down the path towards you. Will you leap up and rush to greet me, so that I can take you in my arms and never leave your side again? Forgive me for having taken so long to realize that you are more important to me than life itself.
Your loving husband,
Written in his final hours before ascending Mt Everest.

Read many of his books, but this one had me reading through the last few chapters again and again. A semi-autobiography on the man and what might had been in the last hours as he pushed his limits to be the first man to conquer Mt Everest. George Mallory.
He died while attempting. The question still unanswered. Was he ascending or decending when mishap struck him some 29 years before Edmund Hillary.

On the 14th of May 1995, his grandson fulfilled his grandfather's dream.


doc said...

i bought the book a few months back & it's still in plastic wraps.

maybe i've lost it.
(the reading habit, i mean!)

iml said...

Let this be the first book read for this brand new Year then. I know you'll enjoy this book as much as I have.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this one. Be checking it out.

iml said...

Yes, please do give this a read.

doc said...

guess what? i was just at popular bk store again & they're selling the hardcover for rm19.90!!

guess hardcovers are harder to sell than the softcovers. i'll be waiting for the hardcover 30th anniversary reprint of Kane & Abel.

iml said...

Have never owned a hardcover copy of any book yet. Guess it's a more presentable version to keep as a vintage book.