Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flying, Anyone?

Often awed at the sight of beautiful kites fluttering in the skies above. On a breezy friday afternoon, we girls headed to the park armed with our beautiful kite complete with ribbons.
Being the youngest, Charming coral was given the task of running with the kite while, I held the kite in position for the lift off. Eldest watched, ready to take over when and if the kite takes off. It did. For as high as the tree then it nosedived down. Again and again the girl ran round and round the park. After a good hour of running, untangling and retrieving if from tree tops, we packed up and left. Deflatted.

Does anyone know how to fly a kite?


stay-at-home mum said...

It's fun jsut trying to get the kite up, and when it does, our spirit soars with it.
Same problem as yours - our kite goes up then plunges down, then we try to bring it up again, but only for a while. Dont quite know the right way to "tarik" the strings.

doc said...

piece of cake.

but the kite has to be "fly-able" & the wind strong enough. if you have to run with it, most likely there's not enough wind.

Iml said...

It's not true. Had a go at it again but still can't fly!!! Looking quite silly running with the kite that comes crashing down everytime you stop to catch a breath.