Friday, April 20, 2007

Grocery bags

Slowly, gently this blazing red dot is doing it's bit in preserving this big blue planet of ours. Starting with every 1st wednesday of the month, all the supermarkets here are encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags to load the groceries or donate 10 cents for every bag used on that day. Of course, there are those who protest, as now they will have to pay for trash bags. Still others are not too frazzle. Just don't shop on That wednesday.
When will people stop thinking of themselves for once.


pretzel said...

I still feel that many are paying lip service w.r.t. this... not sure how long this 'campaign' is gonna last..

We are so far behind countries like Germany. When we were visiting and staying with our german frens, my fren and i were so stressed up after finishing our meals --> deciding which part of the container, foil, plastic,paper to throw into which bin. We were told that every self-respecting household has different bins for the various materials!

Happysurfer said...

Some of our plastic bags are now biodegradable - a small step but in the right direction.

iml said...

Pretzel & Happysurfer:

It is alway very difficult to lift off a project esp when there is no instant result to justify. But I am glad we have started.