Saturday, April 07, 2007

At 67

Zoom...... off I fly to the pearl of orient tomorrow for the weekend. Dad is 67 this sunday. Born and bred in Penang. Into a family of 12 siblings. Going to school meant cycling 9km to Penang Free School. Landed his 1st job a the statistic department in Kuala Lumpur. His 1st car, a Renault number plate BQ719 The first few who foresaw the power of the computer technology. Became a system analyst. The 1st in Malaysia to computerise the billing system for the waterworks department in the 80s. His expertises were sought by the worldbank . Sending him travelling to Vietnam, Nepal,China and Monggolia for consultatiion work. Now a granddad to 5 grandchildren.

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Chen said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle :)