Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Small is blur

The day has finally arrived. I have to admit. I am now long-sighted. I need to remove my spec to read the minute prints. Straighten my arms inconspicuously to read my smses. I have heard horror stories from girlfriends of mine trying very hard to adjust to bifocal. I will not have those urgh..... ..not just yet anyway. Now I truly understand when someone say" You have reach the big 40" And I thought it stood for huge diamonds!!!
For a start, a bigger watch.
What next?
Lasik? Need to build up my courage first.


Las montañas said...

lasik? thot that one only for short sightedness

iml said...

It's possible

Chris said...

That makes two of us! My eyes have been giving me trouble lately and I juz been to a specialist. He said I have slight long sightedness and that he's not surprised bec of my age.

Well, I still want to age gracefully like Sean Connery leh.... heheheh...

Firehorse said...

I am still in denial, last week bought a really really nice looking watch, not "realizing" that the numbers are too small, now have to return, so :o(
Oh can I link you? If "yes" what would you like your "stall" to be called at my kopitiam?

iml said...

Hi!! looks like we just have to face the watch.
Surprise me with your creativity on the name of the kopitiam.

FireHorse said...

Surprise, hop over and check out your new stall at my kopitiam, if you don't like I can change!!