Friday, March 02, 2007

Second opnion

October last year, after suffering a mild bout of tummy flu and headache, FIL's GP suggested he goes for a routine blood test. To his horror, 76 year old FIL's creatinine level was at 300umol. The nephrologist he consulted in Kl suggested that he be prepared for dialysis. At the latest in mid Feb. Otherwise be prepared for the worst. FIL was shocked. His doc friend suggested he seek a second opnion, this time in singapore. The Prof looked through his medical records, ran some tests, had a long talk on FIL's condition and what action he intend to take. FIL is to watch his diet and see him once a week while on his prescribed medication. Dutifully, FIL would take a coach down on tue morning, see the Prof on wed morning then catching the 11 am. coach back to KL. That was early january. Yesterday Prof was satisfied with the progress. Creatinine level has come down. Next appointment with the Prof will be in a months time. FIL has never been so relieved. Come saturday, he is off for a week's golf tourment in Macau/China with the rest of his RSGC buddies. Life is back to normal with some changes. Why the big difference in opnion?


Bernard said...

The first nephrologist was probably just preparing your FIL for the possibility of dialysis whilst he is being monitored.

It's good that his kidney function picked up. :-)

iml said...

I think medical staff should spent more time explaining the circumstances and the options available to the poor bewildered patient.

Bernard said...

I agree 100%.. go see the not-so-busy doctor. ;-)