Friday, February 03, 2006

My home

I have been living in a foreign land for the past 17 years. Returning to my little island every year. Always on the look out for those familiar landmarks, sights and sounds. Holding on to those thin thin threads of belonging. However, progress has arrived in leaps and bounds. I no longer drive around without getting hopelessly lost in the mangle of roads. The road has gone one way. Majestic pre-war bungalows are savagedly torn down for faceless concrete blocks. That little quaint temple once bustling with worshippers is now in the middle of a dusty of beaten road. Forgotten. In the name of progress. History and charm no place in progress?

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FH2O said...

When I came back to Kuching five years ago - I felt quite disorientated for a while. The only constance in life is change.