Friday, February 17, 2006


When do we call it a day. Throw in the towel. Sit back and enjoy retirement. This is the question that has been going on in Singapore recently. When do we stop earning a living. The crucial question is how do we retire.
I want to go on doing what I am doing till the day I drop dead or invalid. I want to be ready to wave ta-ta when my children leaves the nest. Then to go on to taking arty classes, botany classes not forgetting my stretching classes. I want to be too busy for idle chatters. Too busy for armchair travelling. I want to be ready to once again be a part-time nanny, a chauffeur and a chef when my grandchildren finallly arrives. I want to be sought after as a friend, an advisor but most of all a mother when my children needs me.


FH2O said...

We should be doing what we really want to do TODAY; not wait until we retire. Life has a way of slipping by us when we postpone. Easy to say but hard to understand and practice in real life. At the wink of an eye half a century has nearly gone by!

Have a nice weekend!

Chen said...

I'm not workaholic.. I believe we should enjoy every moments we have. I have written a post on Retire at 65 years old??? in July last year.

This is what I wrote there:
The topics regarding all government doctors & health service personnel will enjoy more benefits, effective Jan 1 this year, under a move to retain them and attract new employees really attracts me... But when I reach the statement "For doctors, the incentives include their employment being extended to age 65 and tax-exempted allowances."

Aiyoh.. What the heck lah.. Extend the employment to the age of 65 years old? What? I want to retire at an earlier age in fact, & not to extend the service.. This doesn't sound attractive to me at all :D Why want to retire so late? I don't understand :)

Enjoy life lah..

I don't want to waste my life just working and working without any social life or fruitful life ... Right?

IML said...

Fh2o & chen:
The biggest problem facing many retirees now is How to enjoy life. How to ease into retirement mode. Having 40 years of office regimented life. Where social life and friends evolve around the profession.To suddenly be given 18 hours free and easy for the next 20 years can be trying. I had that feeling of lost and insecurity when I resigned to be a full time mum. BUT the good news is I have all you guys to keep me company!!!! Txs.