Thursday, November 15, 2012

Training in progress

It should have been in camp for the first 3 weeks but was out for a day on Deepavali. In full attire with cap and boots. My son. Tanned and leaner. "No chinese please"  After 2 weeks of "a veg, a drumstick with thick gravy atop his rice,  a soup and an apple, he just wants his sushi. My nourishing soup has to wait.
His dry cough confirmed that there was indeed such an ailment known as the" Tekong cough"  when many in his platoon too was down with sore throat, lost of voice and dry cough.
In keeping the recruits hydrated, drinking half a litre in one go is a must and constantly before and during training and exercise.
Strict discpline observed at all times. And yes, after the parents left, the polite language left with them.

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