Friday, November 09, 2012

First two weeks

Since last tuesday, the weather has been unpredictable. A hot sunny morning that can suddenly have dark clouds loom over followed by thunder and lightning. Next moment it's torrential rain. From such a hot day to sudden flash flood. This is the tropic monsoon season. If I'm obsessed with the weather, it's because, I'm thinking of my son. Going through his training in this hot and wet day. Can see him running in the rain, in the sun.
Been communicating with him via sms nearly every night. Two nights ago he msg to say he had been down with fever, headache and sore throat. Lost his voice in the process. Been to see the medical office and was given some medication. Not surprised as he hardly goes out in the hot sun let alone jog a mile. He jogs in the bright moonlight. He will have to acclimatise.


stay-at-home mum said...

wishing him a speedy recovery!!

doc said...

ah, answering the call of national service!

at least they're trained to defend the country - not like ours, where they brainwash you with divisive precepts.

iml said...

He is back in one piece!! except for a bad throat he is fine. Tan and looking fitter than when he went in two weeks ago.

My personal opnion, I think this is an experience. Of what life in the armed force is all about. To be trained to handle weapon and most of all a regimented life.

doc said...

except the weapon, you just described life in a JC hostel!

iml said...

Hmm... tougher. Daily exercise and training. It's all about discipline.