Monday, May 30, 2011

Frying in the Oven

The oven in my kitchen comes alive for the occasional baking and roasting. Other times, it doubles up as a storage space for all the baking trays and sorts. While browsing at the bookshop, I came across this book. After flipping through the pages, checking if the food presented is suitable for homecooking, I was convinced. I just had to own. It'll save me time cleaning off all the oil fumes and splatters in the kitchen. 3 steps, Prepare all the ingredients, marinate, into the oven it goes. Presto, dish is really. And the fact I recently acquired a supersteam convection makes this cookbook a must. Written by a Ms Jo Marion Seow, a Home Econ teacher with MOE, shows, how using the oven, to fry crispy teriyaki chicken chops and thai pandan chicken with just the oven. Braising curry chicken and steaming dum chicken briyani. So for a start, Tonight, stingray with tom yum paste, cooked in the oven.


stay-at-home mum said...

Let us know how it came out. My experience is that its just not the same :(

iml said...

I cheated a little. I baked it in the supersteam oven. Meat was just right and moist. Son polished it off while girls thought it was tad salty. So less paste the next time round.