Friday, February 25, 2011

Short n Sweet

Imagine my shock when he announced that he's ready to go at 63. Retire? No, to meet his maker, he corrected me. At 48 driving home one night very drunk he crashed through hundreds of flowerpots at the flowerpot expressway, and survived. Believing he was given a 2nd chance, he mended his ways. Was introduced to the lord. Quit his lucrative paying job to settle for a less pay, less stressful but meaningful profession. Always helping, always improving the lives of others. His reason is simple, rather a shorter life span full of zest and meaning than one of suffering and hopelessness. He has a good 6 years to target. Reminded me of Paul McCartney's song "When I'm 64"


doc said...

i wonder if he'll be disappointed if he is still alive at 63?

iml said...

What he meant is giving his family a DNR order.