Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working life

Working till 68?(The Singapore government may increase retirement age) And why not? I know of one whose sole purpose for getting up in the morning, is to go to work. Comes home have dinner, sits in front of the telly, goes to bed, wakes up the next morning and cycle repeats. Upon retirement at 65, still healthy and hearty, he was at a lost as to what he should do next. Slowly a little discomfort, a little pain a little soreness creeps into the body.
These are individuals whose entire life evolves around work.
I know of a doctor in his late 60s who intend to work till his faculty fails him.


doc said...

thanks to LKY who equates retirement to death BUT he has a point. read here:

iml said...

So when do you think you should retire?