Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sun Fun n Punt

It's now incomplete to visit Singapore for the first time, without visiting Sentosa. Since my last trip in 2005, the island has gone through a major facelift. However, the gambling den did not impressed mum. Too small(den), too big(the stake for the slot machine) and too bare(hardly a crowd on a thursday morning) compared to the Highland den.
Decided to spent my $100(levy) on lunch instead.


stay-at-home mum said...

Smart decision. Any good eats?

iml said...

Had lunch at the HardRock Cafe n really did not enjoy the food.

doc said...

ha ha, i'm sure you'd wished you've spent the money at tony roma's instead.

iml said...

Tony Roma's Tender ribs coated with aromatic sauce to hard dry chicken breast meat(no wonder it's called HardRock Cafe!)Anytime. Was not aware Tony Roma has a restaurant there though.