Friday, June 11, 2010


While on an outing with her friends, youngest lost her mobile. Through sheer carelessness and complacence. Devastated and clearly upset as it was her first mobile and only 6 months old. Son upon hearing her plight when up to his room and gave her his old mobile. Touched by his gesture.


doc said...

i suppose the difficult question now is - let her continue using her brother's set OR get her a new one??

iml said...

You read my mind. She will have to make do with the brother's until she learns to be more responsible.

Yan said...

Incidentally, my son's mobile was "snatched" or "robbed" by gangster on Wednesday. Change begins in Sibu? Right near the school, and in daylight! Lodged police report given the motorbike plate number, never heard from them again! Say the inspector would contact us for further investigation.

What's more, son was punched by the robber and the nose bled!

Thank God that he did not fall!

iml said...

This is getting out of hand! Students are now a target for snatch thieves. I hope your son is alright and not badly shaken by this unfortunate episode.