Thursday, June 03, 2010


9pm at the food court on a wednesday night. Bustling with patrons. Some on wheel chairs. Still in their attire and tag having a meal with the family members. Across from the foodcourt, there's Starbuck, Delifrance, Mr Bean and 7-11. Looks like any ordinary office/mall but it's not. It's at the 1st level of TTSHospital. Eating with family is an asian way of bonding. "Have you eaten" that's how the older generation greets one another. A chance, a reason to spend time with loved ones.


stay-at-home mum said...

Guess many people have late dinners due to their long work days, and at the food court coz they have no time to cook. And there are some of us that also have our dinners super early ...before 7pm!

iml said...

You mean my family? Usually we'll have our dinner around 7pm. If one is late, a filled plate will be set aside for them so as not to have the feeling of eating the leftovers.

doc said...

that's moving with the times & shows that the hospital has foresight! even better if there's a nearby budget hotel for family members of foreign patients. that's health tourism in full blossom!