Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leg Power

A rattan bicycle anyone? This caught my brother's attention in the states. Learnt cycling at the age of 10. Then there were no such thing as learners' wheels. It's 'just peddle hard and think about how to stop later'. During the school holidays, together with my girlfriend/neighbour, we would wake up early at 7am and cycle from Air Itam all the way to Gurney Drive to a much deserved breakfast. Roads were not choked with cars and Angsana trees lined the road. Just the two of us girls. No fancy protective headgears nor aerodynamic suit.
Have been thinking of getting a bike for some leisure cycle, when I read in the papers how much a bike might cost. Then, the possibility of being fined for cycling at the wrong place. The danger of being on the road. Still toying with the idea.


stay-at-home mum said...

I bought a foldable bike for slightly more than $100 recently. Nothing fancy, and definitely not for racing.Havent ventured out with it yet tho'.

I have all those scars on my knees to remind me of how I learnt to cycle on my own!

iml said...

You want to take up cycling too? Maybe we should start a cycling mums group :D