Friday, June 12, 2009

Mum's Food

Talking about food, will ultimately lead to reminising mum's cooking. No matter how simple/plain or yucky the dish may be. Our generation that is, still have this privilege to savour. When asked, hubby remembered his mum's steamed yam cake. Yuckiest dish he had to swallow, cooked cockles. On doctor's order. To increase iron intake. I remember how on busy afternoons, mum would crack an egg in the just cooked steaming hot rice. Add soya sauce & oil then give it a quick mix. Top it with spring onions. Best eaten steaming hot. Strange but it was delicious. A dish that is not safe to cook up these days. Which of your mum's dish do you remember best?


stay-at-home mum said...

we added dark soya sauce and some butter to that egg rice ... and it was sooooo yummy!! Funny that people in our generation loved it, but my kids do not!!

Will share with you my steamed yam cake recipe, so you can make it for your hubby, like his mum used to make.

iml said...

And I thought my mum was the one who came up with this dish! While looking for picture for this post, I found that japanese too love this dish too. Yes please, looking forward to your yam cake recipe : )