Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Every so often we meet up with family members breezing in for overnight stay with us. Not for a quick get away but to seek medical consultation/opinion here. MIL & Dad spent 1 month with us when they had their surgery done. FIL travels over every so often to see the nephrologist while Mum&Dad would spent a week when he is here to see the nephrologist & Orthopedic surgeon. Aunts & uncles/family friends occasionally, for a second medical opnion. Of late, SIL has been shuttling in and out of spore for her pilate course & workout to ease her back spasm. It's a pleasure to have families over but would be even better if it was under different circumstances.


doc said...

just goes to show that people feel welcomed at your home, doesn't it??

iml said...

Yes, would be nicer, if they are here on social visit and not rushing to the hospitals.