Friday, November 21, 2008

Full of plastic

Upon being asked, his usual calm & cool composure turned to Panic. Frantically searching for the most important card. The Identity card. With a wallet full of cards, it takes time. Sieving through especially when it's slotted between two tacky cards.
Look into any purse/wallet, and there's the Identity card, the driving licence, the cashcard card (2 in just case) the Mrt/bus card(child & adult), the Library cards, the many retails/medical/supermarkets/bookshops/ restaurants/clubs cards and finally the bank cards. No wonder, it's credit payments. Just no place for cash and coins!!


stay-at-home mum said...

Wallet full of plastic never mind, I think. Just not the face!!
BTW - when do the kids get their ICs made? I thot it was 12, but my daughter still hasnt got hers!

iml said...

It's 12 in Malaysia and 15 in Singapore. Don't worry the very efficient ICA will sent your daughter a notification.

[SK] said...

.. and i see the wallet is not just full of plastics, but also packed with receipts and notes too, no wonder took so long to dig out the ID card, hahaha :p

iml said...

And not forgetting a pix of wife and children!! Thanks for dropping by.