Sunday, September 30, 2007


Every so often we pop in and out of shopping malls. To run an errand, go for groceries or for classes. Do we, unconsciously expects some familiarity?
The very basic expectation, A foodcourt. Bright and cheery. The staple stalls of chicken/duck rice, western delights, yong tau foo, chinese rice and fried noodle cuisine, beef, fishball and fish soups. Any other additions will be a bonus.
We expect to see KFC, MacDonald or Burger King the very least at the basement if not the ground level.
Mall would never be complete without Giodano or Bossini or Hangten.
The anchor tenant would have to be either NTUC or Cold Storage.
Lastly for electrical appliances that would be Best Connection or Save superstore.
Yes, Popular is to stationery users as Yakun is to the egg slurpers and Starbuck and Coffee Bean are to coffee and free wi-fi lovers. BreadTalk is to bread munchers as Old Chang Kee and Polar are to pastry snackers.
These establishments are also a must see in all malls.
Would we feel strange out of place in singapore if none of these establishments were in a mall?

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