Friday, September 21, 2007


Convent Light Street the school I spent 10 years of my learning journey in 1972. Started Primary two at CLS after dad was transfered back to Penang. As an 8 year old I was utterly delighted to go to school on a trishaw together with my cousin.

Quietly I sat on this very hall waiting for school to begin. A timid and quiet child as I spoke no hokkien. But that was not for long. Here in this hall too was where I had my first injection.

Physical Exercise PE was always the hightlight of the day. Facing the sea the breeze was always so welcoming. Being small, I always thought how huge the school was. Mind you, it housed the kindergarten, the primary and secondary school that comes equipped with 2 huge kitchens for home science and a sewing room. A private school all within it's compound. On top of that, it was also the quarters for the nuns. A large dining hall cum kitchen located near the secondary school canteen never fail to catch my curiousity as I walked by it every day. Peering into the ajar doors. The most peaceful place here in CLS must be the chapel. Rich coloured motif stain glass and deep rich antique mahogony wood pews adds to the serene atmosphere.

I used to cast my eyes to these windows of the nuns' quarter above the classrooms hoping to see what inside. I never did. I still have never been to that part of the building.

I sat beside this wall in Primary 6. Eerie as it may sound but, we were more curious than frighten knowing very well where we were sitting in used to be a POW camp. POWs inscribed their name on these wall hoping that someone would know of their whereabout should they not lived to freedom. Knowing very well, too that many might have been executed and tortured within these compound. Never stay past 6pm. though.

Probably that was the reason why frangipani trees were plant outside these classrooms. Looking forward to visiting this school of mine one day.
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stay-at-home mum said...

I studied in a convent too, but was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit the nuns and the orphans on a daily basis. My school is now an entertainement complex, with bars and restaurants - CHIJMES!! Sad!!

iml said...

Yes, I walked around CHIJMES. The surrounding looks so much like the convent I know.