Friday, June 01, 2007

I wanted a different experience, and I had. Spent 10 days learning and experiencing another family's daily life in another country. Wakes up 5.30am in the morning to see how busy okasan preparing bento for the musuko and shujin. Go grocery shopping at 10.30am at the neighbour supermarket with the most amazing array of produces. During my stay, was amazed on how polite and courteous the residences are to one another. Where I stayed was in a countryside of Nara. A small community linked to the rest of Japan by the the trusty railway at Oji Station.
Afternoons were spend visiting the famous temples amongst them is the biggest buddha statue at Todaiji temple around Nara park.
Evenings were spent with the family at the dinner table enjoying simple japanese fare. Was a great chance for me to practise in my smattering nihongo.


pretzel said...

Sounds like an interesting trip... share more pix, can? :)

"Kaypoh mode ON*
Don't think i see Chan Brothers offering such homestay tours...
1. You on some reality show where they exchange mommies between 2 families for 1 week?
2. It's an exchange program from your kid's school?

iml said...

Hi!! No,I joined an immersion programme organised by the Nara foundation for foreigners wanting to learn more about japanese culture. Only condition, must speak basic japanese as most japanese don't speak english.

Las montañas said...

THe food! would have gone on glutonic mode there.