Thursday, July 13, 2006

yo nen sei no yomimono desu.

Needed some time for myself today. After my duty at Shan's school zoomed.... off I went.
Down to Orchard Road. Parked the car at Far east plaza. A refreshing walk with a light drizzle and the cool breeze . Has been raining since 6a.m this morning. As usual, had to check out the bags at Tangs. The shoes at Takashimaya. Next stop, the bookshop. Kinokuniya. Browsing from title to title looking for something I can read with ease. Finally settled for this.
Ooops.... running late. "Pick Mei up at 2.30p.m" *sigh*
Then there's tonight's dinner. A quick dash to the meat section. Western fare tonight. Chicken chop.


pretzel said...

... don't understand japanese...
but from the design of the book cover, it looks like a storybook of kidz? :P

IML said...

Yes,it's in japanese. And yes, it's from the children's section. Curious to know what japanese children read :D Have been taking lesson on the language for the last few years.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of 'totto-chan' by tetsuko kurayanagi..!