Monday, April 30, 2012


As one prepares to serve at the tennis court, another was busy checking his guest list to his second marriage banquet,  my dad was battling with pneumonia. All in their early 70s yet such different lives they lead. Struck by myasthenia gravis in his 50s but kept under control for the last 18 years by steriod. A sudden collapse from MG crisis last sept changed his life. Weaken and unable to walk, he was confined to a wheelchair. Kept his spirit and morale up by being independant where possible. Utterly ashamed and embarrassed when accidently soiled or leaked in his pants.
However, a weaken body was no match for the minute bacteria that invaded his body thereafter. Finally, he succumbed to septic shock.
It's been more than a month and yet the incident, the rituals seemed surreal. His sleeping face calm and compose. No more pills, pills and more medication. No more pain.

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