Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lost N Found

September started with me turning my drawers upside down the cupboards inside out desperately looking for the children's Msian nric. Kept in a drawer together with all the travelling documents. Horrors! when I pulled out the drawer and I could not find them. Panic, I searched through and for the next few days, every possible place I might have absentmindedly shuffled in, was rummaged. Everyone that I lamented to, never fail to remind me to check the drawer. Arghhh.... After spring cleaning and throwing out 10 bags of rubbish still no ic. Tonight, Husband, decided to look into the drawer once more. Sure enough, there was a narrow gap between the bottom drawer of this old antique bureau table. Upon Further investigation, he found all the 3 ics drop to the bottom compartment of the bureau. And I thought I was slowly losing my mind misplacing something so important. Now to proceed with the renewing of their passports.

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cy.leow said...

Phew! I can imagine the type of hassle they gonna give you if you cannot find them! Glad your hubby did!