Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bluetooth & Handsfree

Handsfree means a bluetooth speaker phone. Loud and clear without having the ears plugged on a long messy wire. Quite fed up with the tangle wire and misplaced earpiece when I stumble upon this. Had it installed on the car visor. To answer, tab the "cannot miss" button . Control the volume with the big knob. Double tab to dial the last call made. Bought one for mum as she refused to use the earpiece as she finds them too troublesome.


doc said...

interesting! how much does it cost? can it be used for 2 different phones?

stay-at-home mum said...

lucky for me, my car now comes with the bluetooth. I used to fumble with all those wires too. Only problem now is everyone in the car hears both sides of the conversations and everyone can join in the conversation too!!

iml said...

Not a problem pairing with 2 or more mobile phone.

Yes, can hold a phone conference in the car!