Tuesday, July 19, 2011


90 minutes operation and one hour of recovery later he was up and chatty. That was 8pm on friday night. By noon the next day, he was asked to walk around wearing a lumbar support around his waist. A keyhole surgery on the spine known as XLIF(Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion) has realigned a slip bone that was compressing his nerves, giving him much pain and slowly numbing his ability to walk. Dr Benjamin Tow, spent a year in the states training for this procedure. He assured my dad that though he has only done 3 of this kind since his return beginning of this year, he has confidence that my dad will recover faster then the traditional open surgery. He was right. The wound was only two little holes and the pain minimal. By sunday he was ready to be discharged. Being a sunday, he had to wait until monday for the physiotherapist to certify him fit enought to leave.


stay-at-home mum said...

wishing your dad a speedy recovery!!

doc said...

good job!

looks like this doctor will be very famous soon, if he isn't already!

iml said...

Thanks he is very happy to be up and about within a week.

And when I wrote him a note of thanks, this is what he replied:
I'm glad he is better and grateful he allowed me to do the procedure.

cy.leow said...

I am happy to hear your dad is doing great!! Pamper him,I wish I did when I had mine :( Please send my regards.

iml said...

CY Leow:
Thanks, he is back on his feet slowly but surely.