Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Dear Ms Jeannie,
On the 10th of this month, my daughter urgently needed a pair of "proper shoes" for the her school band performance.And so we invested on a pair of HushPuppies from Isetan Nex. Indeed at S$119.00 for a pair of shoes which she will only wear for maybe a week in a year for the next 2 years seems a little pricey, but I insisted that it was for the quality that we are paying. Having a 1 1/2 in heels, I was particular about the cushioning of her arch and therefore chose HushPuppies.
My daughter called from school during practise last week to tell me that while climbing up the stairs, the heels suddenly buckle and broke. That was only her 2nd time wearing it.
I would like to know, if this is poor quality control, As I need to have it either replaced or repaired as soon as possible as the school band will be going for their SYF competition early april.
I would appreciate if you could get back to me on this matter.
Attached are some photos for your reference.


Had pondered quite awhile before penning this email sent out this morning. Will I get a favourable reply?


stay-at-home mum said...

Keeping fingers crossed that you get a favourable reply!

iml said...

Ms Jeannie made arrangement to have it repaired and returned to me within 2 hours. Wrote an email to thank her for the speedy action.