Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100 1/80 5/3 Click!

ISO, shutter speed, aperture. All the adjustments before a perfect shot came be taken. A 3 day crash course on Basic Photography using a DSLR. So much to learn and so much patience crawling on all fours at the botanic garden guided by the Professionals. Am I ready to lug around a 800g around my neck wherever I go? Or be contented and frustrated(when it comes to night shots) with the compact canon IXUS?


stay-at-home mum said...

I too have the ixus and have been thinking of upgrading, coz my photos dont come out that good. But at the end of the day, I think the photographer plays a BIG part. So until my skills improve, I think I will have the money in my pocket.

doc said...

can xerox the notes & email to me, ahh?


iml said...

With the bulky and heavy DSLR, it's an outing with a purpose. Take photos. Whereas, my IXUS is always handy in my handbag for street photograpy. Like you, I want to be good with all the nobs and buttons on the camera before I consider.

Sure, it'll be my pleasure!

cy.leow said...

Have you consider upgrade to a G12? I bought one a week ago, it got all the features a DSLR have, except lens swab and weight ;)

iml said...

CY Leow:
How do you find it's performance? Do write a post on it.