Thursday, September 09, 2010

Innocent Eye

Not dog ears but chewed books corner, neatly bitten off wires, tiny teeth marks on rubber mats and shoes!! Little did we realised fur ball with it's innocent eye and quiet dispostion was quietly gnawing away while we were not looking. In the wild, he would probably be spending his time wearing his teeth out on twigs, roots and barks. For the time being until he grows out of this phase, he is confined to the balcony.


Anonymous said...

Dear iml, rabbits, hamsters and etc cannot stop gnawing, because of their ever growing front teeth. They gnaw diligently to grind the fellas to a comfortable length. If grinding isn't carried out, the teeth will grow too long to enable grinding, and consumption is not possible as the passage would have been blocked by the long teeth. Obviously, they can't bite too. Many older pets actually pass away because of slack grinding, that eventually lead to starvation or malnuitrition.

There is a danger of having the front teeth grow so long that they will pierce through the pet's jaw, chin through and cause a prolonged enormous pain. So it's a must to provide Fluffy something hardy like wooden plates, old shoes, or even twigs and barks - various things you decide he liked chewing. Pets switch between textures to refine grinding you see. Fluffy may probably not grow out of this phase at all.. or maybe his kind does..? Hope I'm not being nosy here.

iml said...

Thank you for the infor. Have been surfing the web and is aware of this. Seems like he prefers to gnaw on my bamboo chopsticks too. We are trying to get him to chew on allowable stuff.

doc said...

rabbits remind me of two things:

1) bugs bunny

2) fatal attraction

iml said...

Fatal attraction?? Don't remember any rabbit in the movie.

doc said...

you just have to get the DVD & "savour" that moment & i guarantee you that you will never look at rabbits the same way again!!