Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's the start of a one week school break. The IT Fair came and went with massive turnout and record S$65m sales. Universal Studio will open it's door at 8.18am on the 18th of this month of course. Youngest is busy running, swimming and skipping. On 25th this month she'll be doing the school's version triathlon. MDH suddenly had this urge to make the perfect shortbread. One that melts in the mouth. No eggs but nearly the whole block of BUTTER. Fluffy has been with us for 5months now. He hops out from his cage every morning. The lovable fur ball of the family. Hovering at my heels while I prepare breakfast hoping for some fallen scraps. Been visiting the library looking for a good book and stumble upon this, "Kopi-O tanpa gula" written by Abd Jalil a compilation his newpaper writes. An interesting insight on the opnions and thoughts of the Malay community on community issues. Interesting. Also a chance to keep in touch with the malay language. By the way it's written in Malay.


Yan said...

That sounds a good read - but, eer.. unfortunately, I would shy off with Malay! Sigh! Should pick it up soon, soon! But, when?

Have a safe journey to the Land Below The Wind! Enjoy the nature!

iml said...

Thank You. I'm sure I will.