Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jostling & Elbowing

Jostling and elbowing through the crowded streets on a sunday night. Many, like me, were there to soak in the sound, sight and sweat. The loud blaring of chinese songs, traders shouting out their ware. The street littered with jelly wrappers, peanut shells. Sellers stuffing into outstretched hands, sample of the cold made in Taiwan jelly cubes, peanuts & melon seeds. Hoping for a sale. Waxed ducks and sausages all deck out. Once, few years back I was shocked to spot hanging in one corner, a very flatten wax/cured Pig. A whole pig flatten. The colourful assortment of sweet winter melon, lotus roots, tangerines and coconut strips. What is Lunar New without a walk through Chinatown on a warm and humid sunday evening.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello IML, I sure miss all what you mention.
I used to on and off spend CNY in Singapore, have a few relatives there....
but best was in the 80's eating seafood at Bedok, ECP near the Big Splash....or that food court near Clamenceau ave (I think) on Bukit Timah..

My one time favourite makan place was that huge iron market near the harbour front, forgot the name....

And how to forget the kai fun at Chatterbox, Mandarin Hotel, or the out of this World prawn or fish porridge at Shangrila Hotel, after midnight.

Love Singapore food, not to mention, ahemmm, Singapore ladies too, ha ha.
You stay young, and have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

stay-at-home mum said...

I have yet to make a trip to chinatown, and next week is going to be even more crowded. Just love the atmosphere.

iml said...

Uncle Lee:
You should make a trip back sometime soon.

Safer to take the train down if you don't wish to spend all your time looking for parking.