Friday, January 20, 2006

Somewhere out there

The amazing discovery of the 20th centuries has to be the ability to connect on to the world wide web. To connect with so many many unseen strangers out there who share the same passions and woes. To become friends and soulmates to people we have never met or touch. To gain acess to an array of unimaginable information at the touch of the finger tips and of course the many many hours of scouring for the right one. I have found some good reads out there.From these, comforts to know that there are people who are passionate about saving lives. In the world of materialism, we constantly need to question ourselves our values. Our actions. Our emotion.


pretzel said...

Hi there, :)

have been checking out your blog since u left comments on aliendoc's blog... lurve all the pixs you've posted : )

IML said...

hi pretzel
welcome!!! your comment is my 1st. I am over the moon. Txz